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So im having this argument on a forum about the overall shittiness of Skrillex…

The d-bag has the balls to tell me this

"If you would listen to real dubstep like DeadMau5, Ghostland observatory, and Skrillex then you might have the intelligence to influence my opinion over good music, but because you listen to bands like Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and Soundtribe you will never know anything about the real heart and soul of this community and the people in it, people like you know nothing about underground electronic music, you follow the mainstream and never branch out to good bands like Skrillex, he started small and got huge, bigger than Bassnectar will ever be. I really do hope that one day you will see the light and switch over to good music, until then, stop bad mouthing Skrillex"

I really couldnt believe that someone actually said something that fucking retarded! 

Nectar, Tribe, and Lights are on a completely different playing field than that fucktard…. are there really people this fucking stupid in the electronic scene? Has brostep really infested dubstep to this extent? Shits getting scary as fuck…

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^ What the fuck!!!? Please let me talk to this kid. Comapiring Tribe to skrillex makes me want to vom....
  2. veronniethinkshappy said: LOL!!!! WOW. I’m actually a Skrillex fan and I don’t mind people disliking him. This is funny! Can’t believe they referenced Ghostland as dubstep. -.-
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